Visit Fairfield, CA responsive website design

This responsive website design project was developed with a unique responsive approach; where the mobile viewing transitions into a custom mobile site but within the responsive design method, rather than redirecting to a different site. This process allowed Visit Fairfield, CA to provide a custom mobile experience rather than just a re-imaged responsive version of the desktop site. Along with Yelp! Integration and hotel booking, a custom widget was also built for the ‘Top 10’ feature, where viewers can click through a hit list of the top ten reasons to visit Fairfield. The content can be changed and updated through the custom CMS marketing platform that mobiManage offers exclusively to all clients.

One of the newest technologies incorporated into the website is virtual tours of hotels, attractions and other hot spots in Fairfield to give the web visitor a preview of the destination before arriving. Another new feature is the ability to submit an event to the Fairfield staff through the website; promoting in-destination activities and involving the community.

We look forward to implementing the next phase of the project; which will include the launch of Android and iPhone apps and an informational visitor kiosk installed in the Jelly Belly factory.