@properties Real Estate App Development

@properties is the largest real estate brokerage firm in Illinois and one of the top 25 residential brokers in the U.S. With hundreds of real estate agents and thousands of listings; they were looking for an innovative, interactive way to connect home buyers with agents and available listings quickly and effectively.

OurĀ @properties real estate app development allows home buyers to create a profile, set search preferences, set up email alerts, conduct in-depth searches on an interactive map and get immediate access to agents. The app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

Upon downloading the app, users are given the opportunity to sign up for an account or browse properties. The search results are limited to three properties unless the user creates an account; which gives them full access to agents, listings and setting preferences. This approach helps to foster a trust factor with the user; rather than @properties experiencing a high abandonment rate with the app.

The @properties real estate app is a custom, interactive experience that promotes an immediate connection between buyer and agent. Intentions can be communicated from the buyer without taking time to meet in person with an agent initially; and the specific data the buyer enters helps the agent find the buyer just what they are looking for. The app frees up time for the agent to work with more buyers at a time than before; automating much of the process that before took up a lot of time. Buyers can set very specific search criteria, and also set up alerts for desired neighborhoods, streets, or blocks to be immediately alerted when a listing goes on the market.