North Carolina Zoo Website/Mobile

The North Carolina Zoo was ready for an overhaul of their current site and needed to step into the mobile space. We helped them do just that! Redesigning their current website, we focused on what was most important for the Zoo’s web visitor, and put that information to the forefront of the site. A big focus was placed on ease of navigation and improved user experience, all while keeping a playful, engaging approach to the design. Concurrently, we worked on separate custom mobile and tablet websites that would be automatically detected by visitors coming from mobile and tablet devices. With a mobile-first approach, the mobile website and tablet site’s main purpose is to help users find what they need quickly. After the website and mobile sites were completed, we got to work on North Carolina Zoo’s custom apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Along with engaging out of town guests, the main objective of the apps is to engage the Zoo’s core, repeat customer with push notifications, itinerary planner and updates of ‘Today at the Zoo’.