Mesa Air Group Responsive Web Design

Mesa Air Group wanted a complete overhaul of their old website to match the new direction and identity of the company. The focus was to personalize their website to reflect the incredible people that work at Mesa Air; advancing up the ranks and accumulating an impressive collective tenure. While the airline industry is a serious business, Mesa Air wanted to showcase the amount of fun their employees have while on the job and show that it is an exciting, rewarding place to work. Through the usage of photography and video, Mesa Air captured their employees in their everyday environment. By adding this personalized feature, we were able to set Mesa Air vastly apart from other airline websites. This alternate approach provides the website visitor with a unique experience. While the typical airline website gets to the point with stock photos and all-business text, Mesa Air represents who they are at the core through video interaction and next-level personalization. Because the company focus revolves around employees and jobs, their new website is a great way to show potential employees what a day in the life of a Mesa Air employee is all about.