Kansas Farm Bureau Apps

Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) is an association that serves its members through programs, products and services; members are made up of the farming industry professionals of Kansas. The KFB is heavily involved in government relations and policy, and takes great pride in informing its members of upcoming meetings, voting days, current standings and more.

The KFB came to us with the idea of an app that all of their members could download that would enable them to communicate with their members immediately and efficiently. The apps provide action alerts, policy details, news and videos, an event calendar, ability to provide policy input and a special section to ask the current head of KFB questions.

The second app we developed for KFB was a book app. We took their wildly successful book, Kailey’s Ag Adventures, and turned it into an audio book app downloadable for iPhone, Android, iPad and tablet. Young readers can become educated on things such as where milk comes from, how it gets to the store, and many more things about farm life all through reading the book via the app. Additionally, readers can choose to read the book themselves or have a narrated voice read to them, flipping the pages. Pop-ups throughout the app associated with key visuals provide more in-depth education. KFB has seen great success with the launch of their book via app.