CVS RxSavings App

The project plan for Caremark/CVS and their RxSavings brand was to provide RxSavings with a complete mobile solution encompassing mobile web, mobile apps, GEO location and SMS messaging. For this project, we provided affordable, turn-key mobile web and application development fully integrated into their existing website data and backend tracking systems.

Through careful development, we ensured the ability to add new features as well as user interface changes, gathering data on how RxSavings customers used and engaged with their various programs and services. The goal was to make sure the client had a great go-to market product that could compete with the many other savings card businesses. As we learned more about user behavior, we were able to implement new and focused strategies within the apps to keep customers coming back to RxSavings.

The RxSavings Card was a traditional plastic card that customers, primarily without insurance, could ask for at any CVS or participating pharmacy to get discounts on prescriptions. A major issue RxSavings identified was getting customers to continue to use the card more than once and to ensure they gave it to the pharmacist at checkout. By moving the savings card to a digital format, we provide users with the ability to sign up and instantly retrieve their card while at the pharmacy, and then continue to present their Savings card plan each time they pick up a prescription.

We custom-built a set of SDK’s (software development kits) specifically for CVS/Caremark that included pill identifier, drug reaction look up, and more. Not only does the app encompass their Savings plan, but it also provides extremely important information to keep customers and patients safe.