Arizona Tile Tablet/Mobile

We absolutely love getting to help businesses increase their digital presence, digital footprint and ultimately grab a bigger piece of that proverbial pie in the sky. So we were very enthusiastic about the chance to work with a long-standing regional business such as Arizona Tile; a mainstay in not only the Arizona business landscape but also throughout California, Nevada, Colorado and other western states.

Arizona Tile came to us needing our help in becoming mobile. With an extremely content-heavy website, this proved to be a challenge in reformatting it all for mobile consumption. Helping Arizona Tile determine what information mobile users were looking for most allowed us to design their mobile site with only the most relevant content. The mobile site provides easy navigation, quick access to important information such as location listings with maps and click-to-call, social media, product finder, favorites list, and more.

The Arizona Tile Tablet Sales App was the next step in growing their digital presence. The iPad app serves as a virtual sales app for customers, contractors, and the like. The goal was to make sure the client had an in-depth app that engaged customers to explore, create and design from the comfort of their own home or the openness of wherever their travels take them. Allowing Arizona Tile customers to design new looks right on their tablet without having to make a trip to a showroom opened up opportunities for customers and Arizona Tile alike.

One of the most exciting features built into the app is the ‘Just Imagine Visualizer’; which allows users to upload an actual photo of their design/work space. In just a few easy steps, customers can start customizing and designing virtually through the app, and ultimately process their order as well.

We recently won a 2014 Spectrum Award from American Marketing Association Phoenix for Best App! The Spectrum Awards recognize outstanding efforts in the fields of marketing research, direct marketing, advertising, online marketing, multi-cultural marketing and public relations. These prestigious awards give marketing professionals an opportunity to gain peer recognition and reward for their outstanding work in local communities.