@properties Custom Mobile Website

Established in 2000, @properties is the largest independent real estate brokerage firm in the state of Illinois and one of the top 25 residential brokers in the U.S. With a vast inventory of properties, including commercial, @properties sees an extremely high volume of web traffic on a daily basis. Translating that a lot of that traffic is from busy, on-the-go realtors and clients, @properties realized that an overwhelming number of website visitors were landing on their website via mobile.

We developed a custom mobile website for @properties that integrated all of the key functions their mobile visitors needed. Property search, Near Me, Open Houses, and Locate an Agent are the first things mobile visitors see. Home buyers and renters that are on foot in the city or driving around in the suburbs can immediately see what available real estate inventory is ripe for the picking after determining a specific desired area. And what better than to see a list of current open houses available? Home buyers and real estate agents alike can benefit from that thoughtful feature on @properties’ mobile site.