Visit Baltimore’s Customer HD Experience

What do you get when you take a multi-million-dollar renovation on one of the most iconic Visitor Centers in the US and a city initiative to build in custom lighting across major building in Baltimore?  You get an amazing opportunity to build in touchscreen and interactive technology throughout the VIC. With a ton of group effort from the marketing, executive team and Visit Baltimore, mobiManage integrated six 55″ Samsung Touchscreens throughout the property, including full motion sensor technology that reacts to each visitor as they walk by providing instant interactive mapping and finding the hottest things to do near the visitor center.


In 1816, Baltimore was the first American city to illuminate its streets with gas lanterns, revolutionizing the urban landscape forever by transforming the city with light.

200 years later, Light City Baltimore — a festival of art, music and innovation — will paint Baltimore with light and illuminate the world with ideas from the brightest thinkers.

Visit Baltimore and mobiManage built a customer HD experience giving visitors a custom interactive mapping feature to replace paper and look at new ways to explore all the great neighborhoods around Baltimore. With one of the key touchpoints to allow visitors to a complete interactive solution that also incorporated Member information, New HD Visuals and new ways to engage local business members through email and text. Visitors can now create itineraries and send information directly to their smart phones. The touchscreens utilizes new visuals and a way to engage visitors driving thousands of data share and mapping features leaving a lasting impression.

The Visit Baltimore interactive touchscreens is comprised of some pretty impressive hardware. In total, there are six 55” interactive touchscreens with interactive motion sensors. The screens are running 4K UHD graphics and 700 nits for 24/7, long-term usage within the visitor center.


Visit Baltimore is able to extend customized content, video and mapping directly through the mobi Platform, allowing centralized controls and marketing tools to easily make changes and updates. Currently they have the following tools and options to allow ability to add displays and mobile app for Phase II of the project:

  • Custom interface and branding
  • Interactive custom mapping
  • Integrated CRM for auto updates
  • Coupons and Deals
  • Itinerary Builders
  • Easy custom share and information text and email

Our solution allowed a complete interactive integrated technology that helped Visit Baltimore build on key attributes to increase visitor engagement drive technology and bring in new ways to use the space to drive revenue.