Video Wall Makes a Visual Splash for Visit Phoenix

Recently, we deployed a stunning digital video wall for our client, Visit Phoenix. One of our favorite projects to-date, we were able to capture all of the amazing attributes that make metropolitan Phoenix stunningly unique, and feature those visually in a video wall made up of state-of-the-art screens and video technology.

Visit Phoenix Video Wall

Being among one of the largest cities in the United States, Phoenix sees millions of visitors yearly. Phoenix and neighboring Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe and Mesa (metropolitan Phoenix) host some of the largest events yearly; including the Super Bowl, the National Championship Game, ComiCon, the Phoenix Open, Barrett-Jackson, a multitude of large conferences and much, much more.

Visit Phoenix replaced old technology with the new high-definition video wall prominently downtown in the visitor center, just in time for all of the tourism traffic brought to Phoenix by hosting the National Championship Game. Tens of thousands of impressions resulted overall in the few days that visitors were in town for the game. Complimenting Visit Phoenix’s personalized visual branding, the video screens leaves viewers with an experience that is truly unique to Phoenix and leaves a lasting impression.

The Visit Phoenix video wall is comprised of some pretty impressive hardware. In total,  there are nine (9) 49” display panels in a 3×3 video wall orientation. The screens are running 4K UHD graphics and 700 nits for 24/7, long-term usage within the visitor center.

Video Screen Wall Visit Phoenix

Visit Phoenix is able to customize their screen display in any fashion they choose. Currently, they have their visual display set up as:

  • The top two left screens show promotional content (i.e National Championship, Welcome Conference, highlighting local businesses)
  • Bottom left four screens show Looping 4K UHD Visit Phoenix video
  • Right three screens show real-time social content rotating in fresh visitor-generated content that changes daily

Our solution solved an issue of dying, old technology, an inoperable software solution, and allowed Visit Phoenix to modernize their video marketing approach by incorporating current video at any size, social media and user generated content.