Tourism App – The Local Board

The Local Board is the latest offering in our robust lineup of tourism apps! The Local Board is the first ever destination app that connect locals, visitors DMO’s and their member/partners through a custom social media platform within a destination tourism app. Businesses can promote events, deals and exclusive offers to both visitors and locals alike. Locals can utilize the app for a community experience, creating a network around them with other locals and sharing information with each other. Visitors that are in-destination and looking for tourism apps to learn more about the destination can download the app to plug in to the local scene, get recommendations from locals, and learn what businesses are invested in the community.

An incentivized loyalty program that rewards visitors and locals that engage with the destinations app can be integrated for deeper engagement. DMO staff can reward users for various activities, check-ins, photo uploads and social interaction. Additionally, DMO staff can reach anyone in-destination immediately, with the option of push notifications to send special offers and

All the Cool Features and Widgets!

CRM, CMS and database integration with existing content and listings – easily pulls in your existing data and listings – no need to start from scratch.
Back-end Portal & Content Management System for full management capabilities
• Track users, points system and manage rewards and loyalty
• Manage, change and edit content, user-experience and design elements

Social Media
• Authentication with Facebook/Twitter
• Ability to post pictures/video to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram and More
• Ability to add friends, see what they’re doing, share information and plan events

Push Notifications
• Push scheduled messages, new messages and more with push notifications
• Geo-based messaging – additionally, we offer the ability to push messages based on the user’s location, you can select a city block, a neighborhood, or the whole city
• Beacons – place beacons anywhere around the city; and if a user comes within range, a message is delivered to their phone for the ultimate micro-moment marketing

• Track all user analytics and gain a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with the app, where to make improvements and what to build on

Bulletin Board
• Allows locals to post daily or weekly activities, events, thing to do, etc.
• Curated through the CMS on the backend

Activity/Social Wall
• Driven by hashtags and check-in’s
• Trending feature that shows hot or trending items, businesses, activities, events, etc.
• Curated through the CMS on the backend

Leaderboard: Points System
• 1 point for each day you log-in
• 2 points for checking-in to a location or visiting a local business
• 2 points for leaving an approved tip
• 2 points for posting an approved item in to the bulletin board
• 3 points for posting an approved image for the business
• 3 points for using approved #hashtag and posting through to other social platforms
• 7 points for completing monthly bonus activity

Monetization Options
• Bonus activities are sponsored by local businesses or members/partners. This can be a coupon, exclusive invitation, checking in, completing a purchase and more.
• Advertising network – allows for banner ads, pop up ads, featured listings and sponsored content in the news feed.

Additionally, we have marketing widgets that easily plug into all of our solutions – you can choose which ones work for you. These additional features allow you to provide a more helpful experience, driving people to further engage in the app and with the destination.
• Interactive Map – map pins, pinch and zoom, clickable content, search and more
• GEO Location – activates the ‘Nearby Me’ search feature
Trip Advisor – integrate ratings and reviews for businesses
• Yelp – integrate ratings reviews and user tips
• Open Table – book restaurant reservations right through the app, ensuring completed calls-to-action
• Restaurant Menus – users can easily comb through menu offerings, rather than linking out to multiple websites or outdated information
• Uber – get to where you want to go fast by integrating Uber within the Google Maps view
• Grub Hub – tired visitors can rest and relax and have meals delivered from participating restaurants, still promoting your local businesses
• Google Places – integrate mapping, pictures, and business reviews
Walking Tours, Ale Trails or Pub Crawls – these are gamification additions that add a fun element to the app, and ensure that a wide group of businesses see action from tourism

Are you ready to offer something special, unique and different than what the other destinations are doing? Sure, anyone can push out a basic tourism app, but are they really providing what travelers today are looking for? Get started with us and let us build a really cool, custom product for you that will help you stand out above the rest!