Top Three Reasons To Include Demographic Recognition Into Your Destination Marketing Plan


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When thinking about the roles of Destination Marketing Organizations in the tourism industry, one tends to think about the endless lists of businesses and resources that are placed on their websites to convince an unresolved visitor to choose their destination. But is that really how they can provide value to specific guests? This tactic is just flooding them with an endless amount of information, which in turn, can backfire on any business. What DMO’s should be focusing on is tools that personalize the experience, content and social content to provide influencing points to guide the visitor to action outside and inside the destination.

In order to do this, marketers have to be attempted mind readers, but each guest or visitor has unique interests. Considering that a majority of human thoughts come from the subconscious level, it’s difficult for traditional market research techniques, like questionnaires, to gather complete and objective feedback about people’s behaviors and interests. With technological advances, like interactive displays and demographic recognition software, industries and their marketers are one step closer to breaking that barrier. Demographic recognition can distinguish the age, gender, and even emotions of each face it picks up on, ultimately giving marketers a better understanding of their thoughts on the delivered content and visitor experience.

In the past, high end retail stores and restaurants have used facial recognition to recognize celebrities/VIP’s, determine service efforts, and in one case, catch criminals. Now one of the newer trends is to implement demographic recognition software with an interactive digital display and its marketing platform to optimize marketing reach and create content that speaks to its visitors.

This new collaboration is a  for DMO’s & CVB’s. Here are the top three reasons why our mobiManage Marketing Platform & demographic recognition integration are a must have;

1. It Creates A Better Experience

The experience is the number one reason why visitors become loyal to certain destinations. Destinations can offer individuals an improved experience and customized creative content that addresses their interests and behavior. Then, with demographic recognition, marketers are able to determine whether or not their content is creating the desired effect by the emotion on their visitors’ faces. This integration gives DMO’s and CVB’s the ability to market to specific target markets and is closing the gap between creative destination content and what is valued by guests.

2. It’s Simple And Effective

There’s nothing marketers love more than a successful marketing campaign. Reading and understanding guest demographics can create a more effective and targeted campaign. With demographics recognition, finding out what target segment responds and what they respond to is easy.  As visitors interact with your lobby kiosk or display screens, you can continue to learn about their age, gender, attention time, mood, and expressions. Integrated into our mobiManage Marketing Platform, viewing reports about audience demographics and campaign success is simple. The management of your destination content is all in one platform so staff members can update it when needed.

3. Stand Out Above The Rest

How many DMO’s have you heard of with an integrated kiosk? What about facial recognition that determines the content displayed on these kiosks? It’s a rare sight. As most DMO’s already know, having unique and interesting resources is something that gets them noticed. By including an integrated system into their 2016 marketing plan, providing creative content and building loyalty with visitors is a breeze.

Are you ready to offer something special, unique, and different than what the other destinations are doing? Give your guests what they really want with a mobiManage Marketing Platform integrated with demographic recognition. Get started and let us build a customized product for you that will help you stand out above the rest!