Mobile Development

Mobile development gave mobiManage its start. My, how we have evolved since then!

From the launch of the first iPhone, mobiManage has been busy developing mobile web and application solutions for our customers.  Starting with just a passion for customizing existing web and back-end systems to provide new ways to push information to mobile customers, we set out to make the entire world mobile.

Web and mobile design have since been innovated by responsive design methods. Not one to sit on our laurels, we investigated the best responsive design methods, introducing an integrated Responsive Design method through server side management. Developing responsive mobile is about understanding the flow between experience and engagement through a consolidated mobile channel. The future of responsive includes pushing content to any device at any time. But just pushing website content to mobile devices is not all we do.We ensure every screen has a unique experience, understanding how mobile users actually engage with content and imagery from every kind of device. Like our page-to-page redirect, our new SEO modules for e-commerce, or our new analytics on user engagement (you should probably check out our marketing tools section!)

So, you have a site already with a great foundation, but it just needs a fresh coat of paint. No problem! Looking for responsive or adaptive recoding rather than spending the money to completely build a brand new site right now? We’ve got your back.We use tools such as adaptive and open source solutions to easily create and launch web, mobile and tablet solutions affordably and effectively.  Your current web company will probably be worried we can’t match your SEO or that building out adaptive solutions causes redirect issues.  They couldn’t be more misinformed. It’s okay, they just don’t have the technology that we have.  Hold their hand and tell them it’ll be alright. Custom mobile and tablet development is also great for micro sites and landing pages that cannot be developed within an existing responsive framework. Have you ever clicked on an offer while perusing Facebook from your smartphone, only to be directed to a non-mobile site? Hello, bounce rate! That’s where custom redirect for mobile and tablet pages come in!

From custom iOS, Android and tablet solutions to complete Windows-based mobile kiosk solutions,  mobiManage has the right team with the expertise to ensure your mobile, tablet and kiosk development projects get done right. on time and on budget!

  • CMS Marketing Platform
  • Custom marketing tool plug-in development for web or app
  • Responsive or adaptive mobile solutions
  • Mobile-first methodology approach
  • Experienced and custom design promotes longer web browsing
  • Mobile products that drive content and engagement
  • Tablet solutions built for the device your customers use
  • Customized mobile redirect and page-to-page redirect
  • Advanced mobile marketing tools