Social Wall

Connect the Power of User-Generated Content to Your Brand

The mobiManage Social Wall: rev up your social media marketing horsepower
Increase earned media, improve conversion rates and provide the ultimate visual experience.


The product:

  • Add the social wall to any of your digital marketing solutions: website, kiosk, digital display or apps.
  • Our social wall technology is built right into our CMS Marketing Platform; allowing you to manage everything from one central location.
  • Responsively built, so it can scale to any screen size or medium.
  • Thinking about a huge billboard or screen at an event? Not a problem!
  • Whether it is a screen that fits in your hand, or one that takes up an entire room; we’ve got you covered.

How it works:

  • Determine the hashtags you want to pull in content for your social wall. Any picture that is posted to a public profile on Instagram or Twitter will show up in your curated content.
  • Curate the content that matches best with your vision of unique branding – approve photos you like, discard photos you don’t need.
  • Interact with your brand ambassadors! Send a note to let them know their photo is featured; and ask for more content

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