Data Syndication

Still trying to figure out where all of your data resides?

Maybe that old CMS, perhaps one of your interns, or wait… what about that guy in Manila?

Built on data best practices and born from the needs of our customers, our data syndication management solution utilizes a central SQL database located in a cloud-based system to provide easy data consolidation, management of information through integrated data feeds, web and mobile solutions.

Power any device or web solution with your data, and stop worrying about who built your website or app; and control your most prized possession… your DATA!  See how this can complement your existing CRM or ask how we can customize solutions to save you money and management costs.

Easy consolidation and ability to upload data from Word, Excel, and coming soon… cocktail napkins!

  • Power any web or mobile product
  • Easily consolidate data from CMS/CRM systems
  • Data mapping and management
  • Website scraping and consolidation
  • Automated reporting and analytics
  • Customized data management solutions
  • Integration with existing products
  • Centralized data model
  • Cloud-based redundant solutions
  • Combine, build and expand your data

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Custom calendar solutions to easily find events, schedules and share

Data Syndication

Centralize data and content management, provides easy data import and exporting features

Demographic Recognition

Deeper analytics focused on age, gender and ethnicity

Digital Guestbook

Digital signature capture to improve marketing research and connect with visitors and guests


eCommerce integration tools to drive revenue and increase calls to action

ID and Passport Capture

Scanning feature for kiosk terminals to collect and process data with ID and passport information


Enable your clients to browse your listings quickly on their mobile device


Engage core customers and visitors with loyalty program exclusives, awards & offers


Generate and promote memberships with secure logins and member-only content


Most advanced page-by-page redirect for optimal SEO

Shopping Cart

Integrates all shopping cart functions, customer data and secure checkout

Surveys & Polls

Customizable surveys and polls provide new avenues for real-time feedback and data capture from any screen