Apps + Games

Custom, Engaging Mobile Applications for all Platforms

Develop a custom apps that solve your needs for engagement, loyalty, and marketing analysis.

Build, manage and market your custom apps with one platform. Make changes to your applications immediately and avoid most re-submission to app stores. With our apps, we help you develop custom applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows; making it easy to control, replicate and implement new designs and features.

We build travel apps, hospitality apps, ale trail and walking tour apps, personalization and preference apps, internal corporate apps and more.

Once your app is built into our Marketing Platform, you can make changes to your app with a decreased time to market and lower cost for ongoing app management and promotion.

Already have an app but it needs some help? We can integrate any existing app into the our Marketing Platform.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Geo-Marketing
  • Interactive Maps
  • Push Notifications
  • iBeacon and WiFi Solutions
  • Active Audience
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Preference-Based Results
  • Local Search
  • Loyalty

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Banner, pop-ups and geo-targeted ads integrate with any ad network


Custom analytics for tracking web, mobile, app, and touchscreen traffic and downloads


Send instant notification to meeting presenters and participants; integrates with social networks

Augmented Reality

Bring apps to life with AR. Self-guided tours, maps and exhibits


create a network of beacons that send relevant content to users nearby via bluetooth and in-app messaging


Custom calendar solutions to easily find events, schedules and share

Coupons & Deals

Manage coupons and deals across any device or mapping tool

CRM Integration

Integrate any CRM for easy transfer and upload of data

Data Syndication

Centralize data and content management, provides easy data import and exporting features


eCommerce integration tools to drive revenue and increase calls to action

Experience Builder

Planning tool that makes recommendations based on user submitted preferences


Select and save your favorite listings

Form Builder

Easily integrate sign-up forms, surveys, data capture, registration and more

Geo Fencing

Pinpoint users and provide specific messaging and content by proximity

Geo Location

GPS mapping for all listings, giving immediate access to 'What's Nearby'

Geo Mapping

Facilitate venue navigation and click-to-map features


Location-based WiFi messaging over WiFi networks

Hotel Booking

Integrate any booking engine into web, mobile or touchscreen


Enable your clients to browse your listings quickly on their mobile device

Interactive Map

Custom or Google-based mapping options easily integrate directions, search and social

Itinerary Builder

Create custom itineraries for easy trip planning across any device

Local Board

Social Network built into any app for visitors, locals & businesses to connect and share


Engage core customers and visitors with loyalty program exclusives, awards & offers


Generate and promote memberships with secure logins and member-only content


Enable donors to support your cause or fundraising efforts, including text-to-give


Integration of Google Translate services or custom translation services with geo-aware settings


Integrate restaurant reservations into any listing, provide calls-to-action and coupons


Provide search results based on time of day, mood, demographic and more

Photo Booth

Integrate picture sharing to build social and user-based content

Push Notifications

Notify users of new events, updates, coupons and more

QR/NFC Codes

Drive app downloads and mobile site visits by marketing & sharing scannable codes

Restaurant Menus

Integrated menus into listings with automatic updating

Shopping Cart

Integrates all shopping cart functions, customer data and secure checkout

SMS Message

Send targeted messages with direct call-to-action, builds into any monthly marketing program

Social Media

Integrate all social media accounts, increasing impressions, shares, likes and visibility

Social Media Wall

Collect, curate and share user-generated content from social media through website, apps and interactive touchscreens

Surveys & Polls

Customizable surveys and polls provide new avenues for real-time feedback and data capture from any screen

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Run enter-to-win campaigns with contests and data capture capabilities


Integrate existing ticketing options or build your own ticketing solution to drive conversions and purchases

Trip Advisor

Provide ratings and reviews resulting in deeper integration with TripAdvisor

Uber Integration

Integration with Google's Uber map feature - directly connect with app for service


Integrate custom video and YouTube/Vimeo videos into any area of web, mobile app and touchscreen solutions


Provide integrated restaurant listings, updated menus and customer reviews through any web, mobile app or touchscreen solution