API’s + SDK’s

Like hipster beards, year-round beanies and ordering a black coffee at Starbucks, does anyone really ‘get’ API’s and SDK’s?

Lucky for you, we do! We help customers connect existing systems to other systems, that is what this game is all about. API’s (application programming interface) and SDK’s (software development kits) are a way to provide access to your data and systems, create plugins that developers and partners can use and helps you connect to any outside or internal system.

Integrated into our platform, you can easily create and manage your own software tools, make the most of your software and let us help you connect it to customers and partners.

Talk to us and learn more about the next generation of software marketing. Still confused?  We’ve got you covered!

  • Custom-built connectors to any software
  • Integration of existing & third party software
  • Analytic and data reporting
  • Custom-built software modules you can sell
  • Push and send your information to any web or software product
  • Connect with your favorite social media or third party products
  • Marketing support to help you get the most of your developer kits

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