mobiManage Launches New Responsive Site For Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau

mobiManage brings life to Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau’s website with new responsive design focused on user generated content

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Scottsdale, Arizona (October 8, 2015) – Madera Country is a land of diversity and discovery. It’s rich with history, adventure, and beauty; from the wine trails of Madera County to the Photo Safari of Yosemite. We worked with the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau (YSVB) to understand why Madera County is a great place to visit then customized a responsive site that inspires others from around the world to experience it firsthand. Enter the Gateway to Yosemite now:

Project Objectives

Throughout the years, new places were discovered, good times were had, and memories were made in the Yosemite-Sierra. However, the content management system they were using before didn’t have the ability to share those stories in a way that inspired visitor engagement and a call-to-action. An additional challenge for the YSVB was the tablet and mobile friendliness of their website. Without a responsive site, it was difficult for visitors to truly interact and create their own web experience. That can be frustrating, especially when a destination, like Madera County, has so much to offer. Those are the challenges that mobiManage was created to resolve. We kept all of this in mind when building the responsive site and a touchscreen kiosk for the immersive brand that is Madera County.

What We Did

mobiManage, is a leading interactive software agency that designs web, mobile/tablet, kiosk and app solutions. With YSVB, we integrated the responsive website with platform modules that we feel are the keys to brand success; Social Media Wall, Imagery and Photos, Data Management, and Content Strategy.

The Content Management System that the YSVB was previously using wasn’t producing the results they had hoped for, so we upgraded them to a custom mobiManage Marketing Platform that integrates CMS, CRM, the platform modules, and more. The interactive CMS makes things easier for DMO marketers to stay consistent with their content, member and partner listings, and event calendars. All of this information is absorbed by the CMS and CRM and crafts a personalized user experience. Built on the mobiManage Responsive Framework, visitors can access customized and up-to-date destination information from tablet, mobile device, or the touchscreen kiosk displayed in the YSVB Visitor Center. Based on location, day, and time of day, custom content and notifications are directed to that visitor’s device to create their own user experience.

Visual marketing through imagery and photos is way to inspire all visitors to join in on the adventure in Madera County. Displayed are hi-res photos of the snow capped mountains and giant sequoia trees that make you stare in awe. Service modules like hotel booking and the ability to make restaurant reservations were integrated in the platform to make it easy for visitors to discover Madera County.

The ability to inspire each and every visitor with call-to-action content can be challenging. That’s why user generated content is essential. With the mobiManage Social Wall module, we are able to showcase user-generated content while utilizing the CMS for visitor data integration. This tool allows YSVB to collect, curate, and publish visitor created content, images, and videos right into their website, apps, and other digital content. On the YSVB new website, you can see user generated content of visitors rock climbing, mountain biking, and enjoying the unique scenery.

“The mobiManage Marketing Platform and Responsive Framework integrated with CMS, CRM, data analytics, and service modules allows for a personalized interactive experience for both the visitor and the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau,” said Douglas Ralston, President and CEO of mobiManage.

See visuals below:

User-Generated Content (Social Wall)

Visual marketing and user generated content is one of the best, if not THE best, way to capture a visitor’s attention. It gives them a clear view of what there is to do and helps link visitors to the brand. On YSVB’s new responsive site, user generated content, visual marketing, and social media is scattered from page to page on what we like to call Social Walls. Wanitagunung shows off her skills on the Yosemite Region Social Wall.

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Featured Itineraries

Yosemite Sierra Visitor’s Bureau wanted to focus on visitor engagement and the user experience of their responsive website. The wide array of itineraries are displayed through imagery to inspire trip planning and an interactive map helps you get there.

Screenshot 2015-10-08 16.05.50 Screenshot 2015-10-08 16.06.47

If You’re Interested…

If you’d like to see more mobiManage travel and tourism work or are interested in what we can do for your company, check out our site.

About mobiManage

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, mobiManage is a software agency that designs and develops web, mobile/tablet, apps and interactive kiosk solutions; all integrating into a central marketing and management software platform. Our mission is to drive value through our software tools and marketing experience; providing engaging, affordable digital marketing solutions that are easy to manage across all platforms and devices while ensuring brand and market identity.

About Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau

Visit Yosemite, Madera County operates the visitors center for the region which hosts over 40,000 visitors yearly. The visitor center provides free information and maps to travelers. Staffed with 30 volunteers who are trained on what to see and do in Yosemite and Madera County, this is a must stop location to begin your visit to the area. The Oakhurst visitor center is conveniently located at 40637 Highway 41, Oakhurst, just south of Yosemite.


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