New Integrated Open Source And SaaS Modules within mobiManage CMS Platform

mobiManage launches integrated services within upgraded CMS ecosystem to allow customers to consolidate existing technology including personalization of data and localized social solutions, incorporating SaaS and open source technology

Scottsdale, Arizona (September 21, 2015) – mobiManage, a leading interactive software agency that designs responsive web, mobile, apps, kiosk and digital display solutions, announces the launch of new WordPress and open source API technology that allows customers to utilize any preferred CMS, CRM solution directly through the mobiManage Marketing Platform.

mobiManage’s newest Software as a Service module allows customers to take existing digital solutions and integrate next-generation tools to allow deeper storytelling by personalizing how data is presented. Personalization gives visitors and customers customized content by time of day, location and preferences. Additionally, the updated software provides new ways to deploy event information, listings, and location-based information into any device and allow easy management from one single platform.

The Local Board is a social content aggregate that allows members, partners, locals and visitors to communicate directly through web and app technology. The social products allows users the ability to build local profiles and share information on topics that only locals would know, and incorporate details that make each destination unique. Coupled with information sharing, users can build points, earn rewards and enter loyalty programs. Destinations can incentivize visitors to get engaged utilizing the digital tools and touchpoints they are providing.

The Personalization Module brings a new level of content engagement, allowing personalized experiences across any device. With this new module, mobiManage can take existing data categories and enhance keywords and tags so content can be utilized by preference, time of day or a user’s geo- location. Each data point provides new ways to build content into experience-based points of interest and allows the modules to constantly learn more about how people are using devices and touch points.

The rollout of the new modules and integration into open source technology is a truly exciting time for clients. The ability to provide engagement through content and localized information within any existing CMS, CRM or database has always been part of mobiManage‘s SaaS goals.

“We pride ourselves on providing options that compliment the tools our clients are using today, while providing a platform for centralized management of any device”, said Douglas Ralston CEO of mobiManage.

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