mobiManage Integrates Apple and Android Wearables into CMS Platform

mobiManage now offers integrated check-in/check-out and keyless entry solutions through Apple and Android-based wearable devices allowing deeper integration with wayfinding, concierge and notification systems.

In helping our clients stay current and adapt to trends in consumer technology, our platform is now integrated with leading partner applications from Apple, Samsung, Ariane, Oracle and INFOR with a new wearable product.

mobiManage customers can easily integrate guest services into a truly device agnostic system; with tools ranging from wayfinding, check-in/check-out, and keyless entry, all built into a centralized platform. The mobi wearable services takes advantage of new functionality in the newest Apple and Android operating systems as well as next generation voice recognition systems such as Siri and Google Now.

These solutions give our hospitality customers full range of options to drive guest engagement through the quickly maturing wearables market, and allow for the extension of services to several new devices coming out over the next year.


The mobiSmart Platform brings a new level of concierge and messaging control, allowing personalized experiences across any mobile device. With this service, mobiManage ensures all customers can integrate existing marketing tools and existing applications built by mobiManage, with a clear path to deployment.

“Adoption rates of new wearable devices among our customer’s guests and visitors is increasing dramatically. With this announcement we can assure that the extension of engagement and convenience options are part of our customer’s guest strategy. All existing and potential customers will have access to these tools within our platform along with a key strategy session”, said Douglas Ralston CEO of mobiManage.

Contact BJ Santiago or Doug Ralston to learn more or to get started on a project leveraging these new marketing tools.