Mobile Monday > Cyber Monday: Technology Shapes Holiday Buying Habits

Holiday shopping isn’t what it used to be. The buying habits of Americans have changed as technology, specifically mobile phones, have taken major control. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the stores of shopping malls have become less crowded as Cyber Monday, now going by Mobile Monday, has made itself a more prominent, and more convenient, way to shop. It is expected that Cyber Monday 2015 will hit an all time record of $3 billion in sales, making it the largest online sales day in history. As a whole, purchases are over 51% mobile. Not from tablets, just smartphones.

With smartphone screens becoming larger and larger with each new version, mobile shopping is made easy with the touch of a button. Merchants are now coining the term “contextual commerce” meaning they can encourage purchase opportunities into everyday activities, which is is the concept behind the new buy buttons on mobile apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Cyber Monday Post iphone CyberMondayBuyButtoniPhone

With the Google Mobilegeddon deeming which business is successful and which is not, switching to a mobile platform can only be an advantage. Clearly Cyber Monday means profit for most retail companies, especially apparel, technology, and other wanted goods, but now travel and tourism is really jumping on the mobile bandwagon, and in a big way.

Expedia IphoneDiscounts and deals are all about exclusivity. Usually this means that deals are only available for a certain amount of time, for example Cyber Monday! However, a new exclusivity is trending, especially in travel and tourism. Travel companies, like Hotwire, are now creating Cyber Monday deals that are only available through their mobile app or mobile website on specific days. Everything from accommodation, flights, transportation, and travel packages are all discounted on major travel websites and mobile apps such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts, This could be a major factor why mobile is having such an impression in business profits during the holiday season.

Nowadays, a traveler’s experience can be completely built through their smartphone. Destinations and hotels are using this to their advantage, making sure that their location is exactly where travelers want to be and making it convenient and engaging to experience it through responsive mobile sites and mobile apps. Cyber Monday just adds to this madness. With price cuts of over 50%, planning their next adventure through their device

So don’t forget to download your favorite travel app and keep up the mobile search for the perfect holiday vacation! We hope this helps you conceptualize the importance of how going mobile can enhance your brand and increase revenue. Let us know if we can help you with a new mobile platform, whether through app or web design. Happy Shopping!