L.A. Tourism Kiosks Provide Ticketing Throughout Los Angeles

Greetings from our Hollywood Tourism Kiosks!

mobiManage has begun the process of launching 22 tourism kiosks throughout the Los Angeles area, starting at major hot spots like Madame Toussauds and the Hollywood and Highland Center in West Hollywood.

Discover Los Angeles worked with our tourism marketing specialists to develop a city-wide plan to implement custom kiosk software and hardware to provide ticketing, mapping, directions and event information to the millions of visitors to Los Angeles. Given L.A.’s diverse tourism demographic, it was important that the tourism kiosks also provide information in multiple language options. Mexico, China and South Korea hold the top three spots supplying international visitors. In total, 6.7 million international visitors made it to Los Angeles in 2015.

Cropped Kiosk Photo

Partnering with aRes Travel, we integrated a full ticketing option into the kiosk software that allows visitors to search by date, proximity, nightlife, entertainment and family-focused attractions.

This ever-dynamic destination experienced record-breaking tourism numbers in 2015. 45.5 million visitors flocked to Los Angeles last year for cultural experiences and world-renowned attractions that only L.A. can offer. With a projected goal of 50 million visitors by the year 2020, L.A. can now offer the added convenience of ticketing, mapping and reservations to tourists and even locals with 22 strategically placed tourism kiosks.

With security a top priority, visitors can quickly swipe credit cards, purchase and then print tickets for on-the-go sightseeing and exploration of the city. Navigating the city is much easier with custom directions and route planning that can be emailed directly to mobile phones.

This tourism kiosk solution is great for an expansive metropolis like Los Angeles, where opening and staffing multiple visitor centers is expensive to maintain.

Currently, four of the 22 tourism kiosks have been rolled out, with full installation to be completed later this summer.