Visit Baltimore’s Customer HD Experience

What do you get when you take a multi-million-dollar renovation on one of the most iconic Visitor Centers in the US and a city initiative to build in custom lighting across major building in Baltimore?  You get an amazing opportunity to build in touchscreen and interactive technology throughout the VIC. With a ton of group… [Read More]

Video Wall Makes a Visual Splash for Visit Phoenix

Recently, we deployed a stunning digital video wall for our client, Visit Phoenix. One of our favorite projects to-date, we were able to capture all of the amazing attributes that make metropolitan Phoenix stunningly unique, and feature those visually in a video wall made up of state-of-the-art screens and video technology. Being among one of… [Read More]

Mobile Monday > Cyber Monday: Technology Shapes Holiday Buying Habits

Holiday shopping isn’t what it used to be. The buying habits of Americans have changed as technology, specifically mobile phones, have taken major control. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the stores of shopping malls have become less crowded as Cyber Monday, now going by Mobile Monday, has made itself a more prominent, and more convenient, way to… [Read More]

5 Types of Digital Proximity Marketing

As the digital landscape is ever-changing; so is the way in which marketers try to connect with their target audience(s). With most of us clutching our precious smartphones in our hands, or at least remaining within 3 feet of it at all times (come on… you know it’s true!) the best way to immediately deliver… [Read More]

mobiManage Wins 2015 Communicator Gold Award of Excellence for Mobile Commerce

mobiManage wins 2015 Gold Award of Excellence from The Communicator Awards for Custom Mobile Commerce Shopping Site Scottsdale, Arizona (April 28, 2015) – mobiManage, a leading interactive software agency that designs web, mobile/tablet, kiosk and app solutions, was awarded by the Communicator Awards with a 2015 Gold Award of Excellence in the Mobile Web-Shopping category… [Read More]

The 4 E’s of Compelling Content Creation

Creating compelling content is the number one thing we all strive for, right? Our websites, blogs and apps are our digital first impression and we want to make sure it is a lasting one. With the overabundance of content these days; one can’t help but ask: “What will make me stand out from the rest?”… [Read More]

3 Easy Ways to Promote User Generated Content (Earned Media)

Has anyone else noticed how CROWDED the social media space has become lately? I mean, who can keep up with all of those different platforms – it is like a part-time job by itself! We want to talk about how to maximize your earned media through social media – or in other words, the free… [Read More]

Easy Packages to Create Robust Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

We know how hard it can be to piece together a new technology solution. Whether you are building an app, redesigning a website or developing a new touchscreen experience; there are no shortage of options and add-ons. It can get confusing, frustrating and downright cumbersome to weed through endless technology upgrades, the latest innovations and… [Read More]

10 Best Practices for Responsive Web Design

These days, you can’t just build and design your website so that it looks good on just a computer screen. For a website to be good, and to have frequent visitors, you have to optimize it for multiple platforms. Not only does it have to look good and work well on a computer screen, but… [Read More]