mobiManage Integrates Apple and Android Wearables into CMS Platform

mobiManage now offers integrated check-in/check-out and keyless entry solutions through Apple and Android-based wearable devices allowing deeper integration with wayfinding, concierge and notification systems. In helping our clients stay current and adapt to trends in consumer technology, our platform is now integrated with leading partner applications from Apple, Samsung, Ariane, Oracle and INFOR with a new wearable… [Read More]

Tourism App – The Local Board

The Local Board is the latest offering in our robust lineup of tourism apps! The Local Board is the first ever destination app that connect locals, visitors DMO’s and their member/partners through a custom social media platform within a destination tourism app. Businesses can promote events, deals and exclusive offers to both visitors and locals… [Read More]

5 Types of Digital Proximity Marketing

As the digital landscape is ever-changing; so is the way in which marketers try to connect with their target audience(s). With most of us clutching our precious smartphones in our hands, or at least remaining within 3 feet of it at all times (come on… you know it’s true!) the best way to immediately deliver… [Read More]

3 Easy Ways to Promote User Generated Content (Earned Media)

Has anyone else noticed how CROWDED the social media space has become lately? I mean, who can keep up with all of those different platforms – it is like a part-time job by itself! We want to talk about how to maximize your earned media through social media – or in other words, the free… [Read More]

Apple iOS8 Update – Partner With A Reputable App Developer

On September 17, 2014, Apple launched its annual iOS update. While iOS 8 has seen slower adoption rates than previous updates (47 percent for iOS8 versus 70 percent for iOS7) it is still the most attractive platform for app developers, profit wise. Why is that? For starters, iPhone users tend to place a higher priority… [Read More]

Enhancing the Guest Experience with a Concierge App

Smartphone applications are constantly revolutionizing, with new apps hitting the market with more force and gusto than the last. Designers and creators of these apps are constantly looking for new and improved ways to enhance consumer’s lives, using efficiency and practicality to guide them to this end goal. In terms of the hospitality industry, there… [Read More]

Six Tips: App Marketing for More Downloads

Six Tips On App Marketing For More Downloads The creation of a killer app is something to be proud of and celebrate. Unfortunately, you are not in a celebratory mood because your App has been on Facebook now for almost a week and you have a whopping 20 downloads without a single review. This simply will… [Read More]

2014 Digital Marketing: It’s Middle of Q2… Have You Started?

In the Internet age, digital marketing is huge and can give your company a competitive edge. However, new tools and technologies are introduced every year, so you have to keep up with the changes. If you don’t, your company may not make it to the top. Here are six digital marketing campaigns to watch out… [Read More]

5 Plug n’ Play Marketing Tools To Make You Stand Out

Are you looking for ways to make your company stand out more? It can be difficult to stand out in today’s competitive world, but it is not impossible. If you take advantage of certain plug n’ play digital marketing tools, you can gain that competitive edge! Augmented Reality Augmented reality is a type of virtual… [Read More]

Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates Are Up

Coupons, loyalty programs, bulk mailings, flyers, etc. have always been a part of a company’s marketing strategy. More recently, pop-up ads and emails have joined the fray. All of the above methods of marketing can be effective, but a fairly new method of loyalty marketing is growing in popularity. Many companies today are making smart… [Read More]