Texas State Aquarium


The vision of the Texas State Aquarium is to be a nationally recognized Aquarium leader in creating entertaining, educationally enriching programming while conducting wildlife rehabilitation and supporting conservation. The Aquarium relies on general admissions, memberships, retail sales, event rentals and the generous support from donors to maintain operations. Part of the Texas State Aquarium’s strategy in connecting with all donors, visitors and members as often as possible includes their custom mobile site as an extension of their desktop website.


Provide a mobile-friendly website for the Texas State Aquarium that allows donors, guests and visitors a way to quickly and efficiently connect with the Aquarium at all times. Allowing mobile web visitors the ease of quickly finding content they needed without making them scroll and zoom through a content-rich desktop website. Whether needing to access visitor info, exhibit info and times, or learning how to become a member; content needed to be provided quickly within one click. Items like facility maps, general attendee information, show schedules and directions were key items that needed to be incorporated into the mobile site for fast, immediate viewing and decision-making.


mobiManage developed a mobile site that incorporated all of the key components of the desktop site. Focusing on what the mobile visitor information and how they would like to access from a mobile device. With each engaging navigation screen the mobile visitor can easily access listings of exhibits and programs or connect with the Aquarium for mapping, events, videos, pictures, social media and online tickets. Originally, Texas State Aquarium did not provide the option to purchase online tickets. Through creation of their optimized mobile site; the Aquarium is now able to offer online ticket purchase to mobile guests.


The Texas State Aquarium can now provide a true mobile experience and engage their mobile visitors on a deeper level. The main goal was to ensure that over 30% of mobile users were greeted in a mobile-friendly, customized manner. The Texas State Aquarium is experiencing an increased amount of visitors and traveling customers. With the new mobile site they can provide easy access to itineraries, exhibits and events; all while decreasing abandonment rates. Overall, this was a great representation of how mobile can make navigating and interacting with an attraction easy, fun and integrated to a fast-changing mobile customer base.

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