Sedona Data Capture Kiosk


Sedona, Arizona is one of the most scenic destinations the Desert Southwest has to offer. Amazing weather, breathtaking scenery, majestic red rocks and an enigmatic spiritual culture attracts over four million visitors every year. The Sedona Chamber manages an extremely active visitor center, and needed an updated solution to the paper books that were used to record guest information. The vistor center volunteers were responsible for taking that data and entering it into a data sheet by hand. There had to be a better way!


When Sedona approached us about adding a digital component to their active visitor center, there were some concerns.  First, the vistior center volunteers are mostly made up of retirees; would they embrace the new technology?  Secondly, would visitors actually use the kiosk to sign in to the visitor center?   As we started developing the solution, Sedona inquired about the probability of visitors being willing to share additional information about themselves through a more in-depth survey. Additionally, Sedona was looking for an increase in social media connectivity.


Diving head on into the project, we took three big books of handwritten demographic data and replaced them with three new iPad kiosk digital systems.  A survey was created to obtain important information about visitors so that Sedona could then study the data and make informed decisions about marketing strategy and advertising. Mounted to the visitor center main desk right where the old books had once been, the staff were easily trained on the new digital sign-in kiosks. Sedona now has a comprehensive survey and digital sign-in solution that really increases the visitor engagement long after the initial trip to the visitor center.


With 1,500 people per day going through the visitor center, Sedona was impressed by the results from data mining through the interactive kiosks.  Stats show an overall 40% increase in demographic data. The volunteers are happier; as they now get to focus on more interaction with visitors instead of worrying about processing the guest books.  Visitors are naturally drawn to the kiosk interface, and are impressed with Sedona’s high-tech solution. Sedona learned where visitors are predominately coming from, how they hear about the destination and how long they are staying. Sedona is also gaining insight into their International travelers.


Canada 54%
England 7%
Australia 6%
Japan 6%
Germany 4%
France 4%
Korea 3%
Italy 2%
Switzerland 2%
Netherlands 2%
Friends/Family 68%
Internet 12%
Travel Guide 10%
AAA/Travel Agent 3%
Drive by Map 4%
Mag/TV/Radio 2%
Concierge 1%