Emerson Ecologics


Emerson Ecologics is the premier resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements to the integrative healthcare community. Emerson Ecologics offers thousands of products from over 250 of the world’s top brands to ensure they are the single source for all a professional’s needs. One convenient order for multiple brands is a simple step to save time, as well as reduce carbon footprint. Emerson Ecologics identified the need to take their e-commerce business to the m-commerce level; making their vast product line up available to order via mobile as well.


Emerson Ecologics has one of the most extensive product inventories on the market. The challenge presented itself in a way to take all of Emerson Ecologics’ products and services available through a traditional website and optimize the experience for all mobile platforms. Professional physicians needed to access information quickly without pinching and scrolling to find product. The desired format was mobile web and iPhone app to clearly address thier buying market.


mobiManage developed a mobile site that incorporated all of the key components of the desktop site. Approaching the project from the mind of a physician and how they would shop from a mobile device, we were able to focus on the most important aspects of the website. Within just a few focused clicks, the customer can access exactly what they are searching for and proceed to checkout. By creating easy-access listings, the shopper can quickly filterand search through pages of content to find exactly what they are looking for in seconds.


15% increase in mobile traction

Increased brand loyalty/purchase

Emerson Ecologics is a fully mobile-optimized shopping experience. Since launching the mobile site, Emerson Ecologics has experienced continued growth and success, driving the requests and purchases through mobile up almost 20%. They have also started on an iPhone app which will automatically order product as inventory gets low; directly purchased and inventoried through the new mobiManage app. Customers will be able to scan the barcode of competitor brands and find the equivalent product in stock at Emerson. Mobile has truly become the next eveolution of e-commerce for Emerson.

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