Social Media Campaigns That Failed? Thank Smartphones…

If you want your business to grow and attract more customers, you have to take advantage of social media. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are huge these days and can be used to alert the public about your company’s products and services. However, if you are using these social media platforms incorrectly, you… [Read More]

2014 Digital Marketing: It’s Middle of Q2… Have You Started?

In the Internet age, digital marketing is huge and can give your company a competitive edge. However, new tools and technologies are introduced every year, so you have to keep up with the changes. If you don’t, your company may not make it to the top. Here are six digital marketing campaigns to watch out… [Read More]

Visitor Centers of the Future

We have all been to visitor centers ranging from large to small in size. Not much has changed in the last 20 years, right? Rows and rows of so many brochures, one doesn’t even know where to start. There is always a helpful volunteer behind the counter knowledgeable with facts of the local area; but… [Read More]

5 Plug n’ Play Marketing Tools To Make You Stand Out

Are you looking for ways to make your company stand out more? It can be difficult to stand out in today’s competitive world, but it is not impossible. If you take advantage of certain plug n’ play digital marketing tools, you can gain that competitive edge! Augmented Reality Augmented reality is a type of virtual… [Read More]

Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates Are Up

Coupons, loyalty programs, bulk mailings, flyers, etc. have always been a part of a company’s marketing strategy. More recently, pop-up ads and emails have joined the fray. All of the above methods of marketing can be effective, but a fairly new method of loyalty marketing is growing in popularity. Many companies today are making smart… [Read More]

Prediction: Mobile Bookings Will Explode in 2014/15

Unless you are just getting back from living off the grid, you are aware of the absolute explosion of mobile technology offerings. It seems as though everyday another new piece of mobile hardware is invented. Further, it is clear that many companies are jumping on the mobile bandwagon and offering a plethora of mobile services…. [Read More]

Server Side is the Future of Responsive Web Design

Life used to be much easier for web designers. They would develop a website that would be the same for every user. This was so because before mobile technology started spreading like wildfire, most people generally went online by using their desktop computer. Even when laptops began to grow in popularity, a company’s website could… [Read More]

Mobile Cheat Sheet to Integrated Marketing

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Integrated Marketing With more and more people interacting with brands through different screens — what we like to call omni-screening — integrated marketing is more important than ever. Leave your fragmented marketing behind, and unify your message across your smartphone, tablet, and laptop audiences. But, as points out, integrated… [Read More]

Marketing Above the Fold: A Lesson From Your Competitors

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Marketing Above The Fold You’re ready to design (or re-design) your all-important home landing page. Congrats! At mobiManage, we’re here to help. Today, we’ve taken notes on some of the most successful sites out there to find out what makes their home pages so click-enticing. One major… [Read More]

Why We Love Multi-Screen Marketing

Omni-Screen Marketing: What’s Not to Love? Why We Love Omni-Screen Marketing (and you should, too!) Oh, Omni-Screen Marketing, let us count the ways we love your cutting-edge, integrated approach to reaching audiences. After we introduce you to the concept (and its many merits), we hope you’ll fall in love, too. The Definition Omni-screen marketing is… [Read More]