Server Side is the Future of Responsive Web Design

Life used to be much easier for web designers. They would develop a website that would be the same for every user. This was so because before mobile technology started spreading like wildfire, most people generally went online by using their desktop computer. Even when laptops began to grow in popularity, a company’s website could… [Read More]

Mobile Cheat Sheet to Integrated Marketing

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Integrated Marketing With more and more people interacting with brands through different screens — what we like to call omni-screening — integrated marketing is more important than ever. Leave your fragmented marketing behind, and unify your message across your smartphone, tablet, and laptop audiences. But, as points out, integrated… [Read More]

Marketing Above the Fold: A Lesson From Your Competitors

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Marketing Above The Fold You’re ready to design (or re-design) your all-important home landing page. Congrats! At mobiManage, we’re here to help. Today, we’ve taken notes on some of the most successful sites out there to find out what makes their home pages so click-enticing. One major… [Read More]

Why We Love Multi-Screen Marketing

Omni-Screen Marketing: What’s Not to Love? Why We Love Omni-Screen Marketing (and you should, too!) Oh, Omni-Screen Marketing, let us count the ways we love your cutting-edge, integrated approach to reaching audiences. After we introduce you to the concept (and its many merits), we hope you’ll fall in love, too. The Definition Omni-screen marketing is… [Read More]

Interactive Touchscreens Light Up JFK and Grand Central Station

Hellllloooooooo, Sunny! The Beach Looks Good on You, New York! When the folks over at the Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB called us in late December with a request for interactive touchscreens for their The Beach Looks Good On You campaign, we jumped at the opportunity! We were definitely excited that our touchscreen kiosks would be… [Read More]

5 Tips to Enhance User Experience

Before you can begin to optimize your website for UX, you must understand what UX is, and what it means to your visitor and website. To that end, UX stands for the user experience and it has the potential to be the most important part of your marketing campaigns. There are numerous levels of UX… [Read More]

Mobile Devices and Your Content Marketing Strategy

When Morgan Stanley speaks, people listen and if you are lucky, you are listening now. Mr. Stanley and the brilliant team of researchers at his side are saying that there will be more people conducting searches on mobile devices than on PCs by the year 2015. The last time I checked… that is just around… [Read More]

Augmented Reality: 12 Facts for Using AR in Mobile Apps

Unlike virtual reality, which has never really lived up to expectations, Augmented Reality, or AR, using mobile technology and mobile apps as a springboard, has found a place in the real world where it can be useful… and even profitable. Hollywood Created High Expectations Mobile phones and Augmented Reality have taken the world by storm…. [Read More]

San Diego Tourism Authority Goes Mobile

The San Diego Tourism Authority’s official website took on a dual persona last month with the launch of a mobile version that has a layout different from the traditional desktop version. Desktop web surfers will continue to see many of the previous features on the tourism authority’s website, But mobile handheld users will have… [Read More]