Explaining Google’s New Algorithm 2015 Launch – April 20

IN THIS ARTICLE: Link to test your website for mobile-friendly ranking Explanation of the update and how it can affect you How mobiManage can help you Last week, we were in Sacramento for the WACVB Tech Summit, and had the opportunity to hear execs from Google talk about all the great things we can expect… [Read More]

The 4 E’s of Compelling Content Creation

Creating compelling content is the number one thing we all strive for, right? Our websites, blogs and apps are our digital first impression and we want to make sure it is a lasting one. With the overabundance of content these days; one can’t help but ask: “What will make me stand out from the rest?”… [Read More]

3 Easy Ways to Promote User Generated Content (Earned Media)

Has anyone else noticed how CROWDED the social media space has become lately? I mean, who can keep up with all of those different platforms – it is like a part-time job by itself! We want to talk about how to maximize your earned media through social media – or in other words, the free… [Read More]

Easy Packages to Create Robust Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

We know how hard it can be to piece together a new technology solution. Whether you are building an app, redesigning a website or developing a new touchscreen experience; there are no shortage of options and add-ons. It can get confusing, frustrating and downright cumbersome to weed through endless technology upgrades, the latest innovations and… [Read More]

10 Best Practices for Responsive Web Design

These days, you can’t just build and design your website so that it looks good on just a computer screen. For a website to be good, and to have frequent visitors, you have to optimize it for multiple platforms. Not only does it have to look good and work well on a computer screen, but… [Read More]

4 Steps to Planning a Successful Kiosk Project

Ready to plan a kiosk project? Let’s talk about the tips you need to shine bright! Too many times we have seen kiosk projects fall flat. Luckily, we have been able to swoop in and help save the day for our clients! We are going to cover the things you should brainstorm on, how to… [Read More]

Apple iOS8 Update – Partner With A Reputable App Developer

On September 17, 2014, Apple launched its annual iOS update. While iOS 8 has seen slower adoption rates than previous updates (47 percent for iOS8 versus 70 percent for iOS7) it is still the most attractive platform for app developers, profit wise. Why is that? For starters, iPhone users tend to place a higher priority… [Read More]

Why Every Business Needs to Work with a CMS

The need to create a website for your business is a no brainer. Ensuring your website is competitive with bigger, more established companies—that one is harder to tackle. Is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars to stay competitive? Does quality hinge on payout? According to Social Media Today, gone are the days of quality… [Read More]

Enhancing the Guest Experience with a Concierge App

Smartphone applications are constantly revolutionizing, with new apps hitting the market with more force and gusto than the last. Designers and creators of these apps are constantly looking for new and improved ways to enhance consumer’s lives, using efficiency and practicality to guide them to this end goal. In terms of the hospitality industry, there… [Read More]