Amelia Island’s Visitor Center Touchscreens Dazzle Travelers

The Amelia Island Tourist Development Council hosted a grand re-opening of their visitor welcome center on June 8, and it was quite the event! One of the main features of the historic downtown Fernandina Beach area is a quaint train depot, rich with character and history. This building has housed the welcome center and last year a project commenced to overhaul the building, and while keeping historic aspects in tact, the focus was to bring the welcome center into a new age of technology. That’s where we stepped in with our visitor center touchscreens and digital displays!

Walking into the welcome center, visitors are enchanted by period detail construction and dazzled by modern technology. The perfect marriage of 19th century charm and 21st century digital signage and touchscreens; Amelia Island perfectly captures the essence of the island and all the destination has to offer. mobiManage provided four touchscreens and two digital displays for the interior of the welcome center. When walking in, flanking either side of the door are two vertical 60-inch displays that offer engaging video, social media updates and weather information. Amelia Island can push important announcements to their digital display screens in real-time to promote events.

Amelia Front Entrance
Visitors are wowed by touchscreen technology and digital displays at every turn.


The two touchscreen interactive mapping tables are prominently in the center of the room; providing a unique, memorable interactive experience. At the touch of a finger, visitors can look up what is nearby, read details and map their journey to exploring the 13 miles of pristine beaches, delicious culinary experiences and historic attractions that Amelia Island offers. Visitors can email, share or print custom itineraries directly to wireless printers integrated with the mapping touchscreen tables.

An additional two touchscreens are mounted on the walls of the welcome center where visitors can search through enhanced listings of dining options, accommodations and attractions, read reviews and engage with social media. Digital guestbooks integrated into the touchscreen solution offer visitors the opportunity to provide their information and receive updates on one of their favorite travel destinations; while providing Amelia Island with demographic data on visitors.

Interactive Touchscreen Mapping Table Kiosk Amelia Island Visitor Center
The mapping table technology wows visitors at the grand re-opening of Amelia Island’s Visitor Welcome Center.


The touchscreen technology marries together the golden age of Ameila Island and the technology that today’s visitors want to engage with. What’s better than experiencing the old world charm of this quaint vacation destination while enjoying the latest in technology? We don’t think it really gets any better than this!

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