Kiosk Hardware

iPad Kiosks

Portable and convenient, iPad Kiosk enclosures can fit in to any environment, either on table tops, counters, or mounted to a fixture or a wall.

Touchscreen Wall Mount

Safe and sturdy, these wall mounts keep touchscreens secure but still functional.

Standing Kiosks

Incorporate touchscreens into a fixture that commands attention. Custom-branded, the standing floor kiosk will elevate your message while inviting customers to interact.

Large Touchscreens

The bigger, the better! We offer touchscreens up to 80″, and can either showcase them in a floor stand or mounted to a surface. Make the ultimate statement with a large touchscreen.

Touchscreen 27in Floor Display website

Floor Mount Touchscreens

Get more screen size than the iPad with a touchscreen, but with the same convenience of a iPad kiosk stand.

Outdoor Floor Standing Kiosks

Take your message anywhere, outdoors! These kiosks have sturdy housing that protects your touchscreen investment.

Outdoor Wall Mount

Durable housing and protected screen stands up to outdoor exposure for 24/7 access.

Custom Branded Kiosk with Photo Booth Options

Add your logo, color scheme or event-specific branding, including special hashtags, camera options available.

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Custom Kiosk Hardware – Designed Wraps

Turn the entire kiosk into a centerpiece, taking branding to the next level.

Digital Display

Digital displays, from one screen to multiple – custom built.